What to expect

Reflexology 1 hr

Initially an hour and a half of your time is needed.
I will spend some time with you compiling a confidential health and lifestyle profile, including feet observations and palpation, enabling me to create a treatment plan specific to your health needs
You may decide to have a one-off treatment or a series of treatments. 5-6 treaments maybe recommended ,depending on your specific health needs for the greatest benefit.
You decide what suites you best.
If for any reason an area cannot be manipulated, don't worry, an alternative area can be used, in either the feet or the hands or face.

For the Reflexologist: the feet provide information relating to the client's state of health, which forms a basis for treatment, and allows progress to be monitored.

Thai Foot Massage 1 hr
This is a massage of the feet and also lower legs. Thai foot massage is both invigorating and deeply relaxing and involves hands on massage, stretching and acupressure to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Chinese massage, incorporated into the treatment.
The treatment starts with a warm up techniques and oil is applied to the foot. The Sen lines of the foot and  lower legs are worked. A traditional thai foot massage stick (a specially crafted stick) is used do additonal  work on the reflex points on the foot, this is followed by traditional foot wrapping, concluding with pressure point work and stretching of the foot.

This treatment can also be done on the hands and lower arms - great for upper body tension, hand and arm strains and tension.
' it's a invogorating yet relaxing treatment'

Facial Reflexology 1hr

This treatment is reflexology to the using the Zone therapy approach.
After a full health and lifestyle consultation the face will be cleansed and a Neal's Yard Remedies Organics Facial oil applied. Neals Yard Remedy Organic products are used, on request.  A facial consultation will be done to ascertain the best products to use for your skin type. After an initial opening sequence including deep breathing exercise, facial reflexology techiques will be used. This is a light and specialised set of techniques that will soothe relax facial muscles and inturn affect every organ and system in the body in some way according to your health and condition to a greater or lesser degree. To conclude there will be a closing sequence and a brief discussion of findings.

Natural Facelift Massage 30mins
This treatment facelifting massage. Firstly after  brief health and face consultation, the face will be cleansed and Neal's Yard Remedies Organics Facial oil will be applied. After a short opening sequence the full Facelift Massage sequence will be carried out and conclude with a closing sequence. this treatment is 30mins and can be added to one of my other treatments for a spot of endulgence. 

Lava Shell Thermal Facial
Details coming soon

Zone Face Lift
Details coming soon

Lava Shell Reflexology 1 hr
This treatment uses a Tiger Shell that has been smoothed and stuck together with a port that allows a lava rock and seaweed heat charge to be inserted. This delivers a constant heat throughtout the treatment. Allowing the heat to infuse into the tissue enabling the treatment to work deeper into the reflexes. the flat surface, edge and the hinge are used to do precision work throughout the session.
After a short warm up routine. Oil is massaged into the foot to ensure the smoothe glide of the shell over the foot surfaces.

' so soothing and comforting'

Hot Stone Reflexology 1hr
Hot stones warmed in a heated bag are used to work the reflex points. The stones vary in size according to the area of the foot to be worked and the techniques to be doine. The heat is less constant so more stones are used as need so ensure a smoothe flowing treatment. Oil is applied to the foot after a short warm up routine.
' i felt i was wrapped up in cotton wool'

Aromatherapy Reflexology 1hr
This treatment requires details of your reflexology needs prior to your treatment session. This is so a blend suitable for you as an individual can be prepared before your treatment. A brief account  of your health condtions  and treatment expectations given by email or over the phone will enable the best blend to be prepared prior to your session.
'  relaxed difting away enveloped in a pillow of fragrance'

Functional Reflex Therapy 30mins
This is a specific Reflexology approach designed for children and adults particulairly thise with autism, ASD, learning difficulties, neurological impairment including dementia.
It can be offered in school, residential homes or in a private setting at my clinic or as a homevisit.

' relaxation that prepares the body and mind for learning' 

Please Note:
A Reflexologist  do not diagnose and should not be used instead of orthodox medicine but can compliment it.
If you are receiving medical treatment you must consult your doctor first.
I am happy to provide you with a letter to take to your doctor requesting permission to receive for treatment.