Suitable throughout pregnancy
Adviseable for both partners 

Maternity Reflexolgy can provide relaxation, physical and mental suopport.

     This is a time of:
   - Great excitement and anxiety
   - Lots of changes physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
   - Fluctuations in hormones levels
   - Changes in body image
   A Challenging times for both partners  

  It is wonderful in supporting Antenatal Care, Birthing  preparation and in the Potnatal period
  Providing suport for all the family and as part of Newborn baby care.

  First trimester : -
  Constipation / cystitis / dizziness / fatique /f orgetfulness / heartburn / nausea / morning sickness / pelvic pain
  Second trimester:
  Fibrous uterus / sciatica / headaches / sacro-iliac pain
  Third trimester:
  Symphysis pubis diastasis / swollen ankles / pubic pain
  Preparing for labour / overdue baby / reduce the time of first stage of labour
  Milk production let down / improve the quality of sleep / stabilisation of hormones / muscle fatique 

 You may also like to consider one of my soothing hot therapies in the Second and Third Trimester
  - Hot Lava Shell Reflexology

  - Hot Stone Reflexology

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