An intensive reflexology treatment using heated lava shells to ease stress and rebalance the body’s energy system.
The very nature of the shell allows the therapist to easily detect any crystals and blockages within the
body and deliver a truly powerful, deeply relaxing and healing therapy.

The  action of the Hot Lava Shell penetrate deeper into the skin, stimulating the blood supply easing away muscle tension, release energy flow and restore a sense of balance to the mind, body and spirit. 

For the ultimate calming experience the Lava Shell Reflexology treatment is soothing, it instantly relaxes you, allowing you to drift to a tranquil place.
As the marine polished sea shells are glided smoothly over the feet, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm.
What to expect?
is specially trained in Lava Shell Reflexlogy and the heat management of the shell.
As part of your reflexology treatment the Hot Lava Shell will be used to work into the foot reflexes using the flat surface, the hinge and the edge.
The Eco-Friendly tiger shells have been recycled from the Philipines and highly poilished, so that it glides over your skin. The shell is heated by an exothermic reaction of a purely natural preparation inserted into the shell. This allows the shell to remain heated of an hour. Giving you a smooth gliding seamless treatment.
The heat, giving added intensity to your treatment.

Consider this as part of your Pre-Conceptual treatment plan and during Pregnancy in the second and third trimester,
Kathleen is fully trained and insured to use this therapy during this time.

An wonderful experience not to be missed
The top end of treatments, sort after by the rich and famous

JLS, The Wanted, Tulisa, Duncan James, Les Ferdinand, Gail Porter, The Saturdays, Pixie Lott, Callum Best, Gok Wan and lots more
Lava Shell Refelxology  and the Post term mum
Kathleen's reflexology was recommended for bringing labour on at an NCT meeting when I was 41 weeks pregnant and keen not to be induced; somebody said their friend had actually gone into labour during the treatment! I had one treatment at 42 weeks, where Kathleen observed that I was not yet ready to birth, and a follow up treatment with lava shells at 43 weeks. The second treatment in particular was delightful, so relaxing. That evening I had my first pangs and went into labour proper in the early hours, producing a 9lb baby girl without drugs or intervention. I felt amazingly energised in the weeks following birth; a combination perhaps of the delights and benefits of reflexology along with avoiding induction in my efforts to ensure a natural, unhurried birth. I can't recommend Kathleen enough!

Kathleen always makes you feel incrediably relaxed before a treatment even begins. The sense of relaxation and peace is wonderful and i drift away during the sesson - it is the best feeling and one that lasts long after i leave.
The Lava shell reflexology is gorgeous. The pressure points with the warmth is superb and you  really feel the goodness as Kathleeen works around the foot - simply heaven and i am already looking forward to the next session.
Abbie B. Cambridge

I can highly recommend this treatment. The most relaxing and indulgent treatment to date - thank you Kathy!
Kelly W, Cambridge