Had a wonderful pampering session today with the lavashellfacial massage and foot reflexology. So relaxed then and now.
Posted on Facebook Sept 30 2016 by Susan Cambourne

I had my first Lava Shell facial yesterday - it felt great! Deeply relaxing and I could feel the tension in my brow and sinus areas being gently released. My skin felt very soft and glowing, and in the evening I was told that I looked "vibrant". Definitely a treatment to try! Thanks Kathleen.
Julia Cambridge

Dear Kathleen. I am delighted to have booked some facial reflexology sessions with you. The treatment seems to help make my menstrual cycle more regular, it has not been like that for a couple of years. Many thanks for relaxing, wonderful treatments! Before having facial reflexology i was a firm fan of reflexology carried out on my feet. I am glad to say i think that i actually prefer facial reflexology. Many thanks
Elizabeth  Cambridge

Reflexology helped us on our journey to conceive

I came to Kathleen for several sessions of reflexology in November and December2012.   My main aim was to get pregnant!
I just wanted to wrtite to you to say a huge thank you to you....
I conceived around 2 weeks after my last session and even though very sadly miscarriaged, became pregnent again.
I am now a very proud mummy to a little girl, 6 weeks ago.
I am sure that you got things 'a moving' down there.
Also the importance that you attached to breathing exercises stayed with me - so much so that i built on this to practice some hypnobirthing techniques in the run up to having my little girl. I used these during a long labour really successfully with no pain relief needed.
So a huge thank you again for helping us on our journey
Rachel H Cambridgeshire

Fertility and Stress

The best decision I ever made!  I had been suffering with work related anxiety for at least 3 months, I'd had time off work and I was on medication.  I was at a real low point and struggling with social events.  My husband and I had also been trying to conceive for 7 months when I decided to try reflexology.  Kathleen was extremely welcoming, supportive and understanding from the moment I met her and I felt relaxed straight away.  I started having weekly treatments and my stress levels have now gone from an 8 or 9 to a 1 or 2, I am now off the medication and.... I am 3 months pregnant.  Kathleen's all round care has truly changed my life both physically and mentally and I am eternally grateful.  Reflexology will remain part of my healthy lifestyle and I cannot recommend Kathleen highly enough.
Joanna Cambourne Cambridgeshire
Post Term mum and Lava Shell Reflexology
Kathleens reflexology was recommended for bringing labour on at an NCT meeting when I was 41 weeks pregnant and keen not to be induced; somebody said their friend had actually gone into labour during the treatment! I had one treatment at 42 weeks, where Kathleen observed that I was not yet ready to birth, and a follow up treatment with lava shells at 43 weeks. The second treatment in particular was delightful, so relaxing. That evening I had my first pangs and went into labour proper in the early hours, producing a 9lb baby girl without drugs or intervention. I felt amazingly energised in the weeks following birth; a combination perhaps of the delights and benefits of reflexology along with avoiding induction in my efforts to ensure a natural, unhurried birth. I can't recommend Kathleen enough!
Hester Cambridgeshire

Pregnancy Reflexology 
I used Treats for Feet from 36 to 41 weeks pregnant. I found Kathleen to be extremely knowledgable and the treatment I received was much better than what I had experienced with my previous pregnancy. It was very relaxing and I found it helped with digestive issues I was experiencing. I would certainly recommend this treatment for pregnant ladies!
Post natal Reflexology

I have found the treatments not only relaxing but they have also helped rebalance my hormones post pregnancy. I can't believe how much energy I have considering I have just had a baby. I believe this is partly due to the reflexology treatments I received pre and post pregnancy. Kathleen's treatments are wonderful and I would highly recommend her.
Kelley Cambridgeshire
I was very impressed (and fascinated!) with my reflexology sessions with Treats 4 Feet. Kathleen is very friendly and professional and discovered aches and pains I had forgotten to even tell her about! I originally wanted to try reflexology after it was recommended to me by a friend for fertility issues, I did a lot of research on the internet and Kathleen has so much experience in this area. Reflexology appears to have done the trick for me, and I would recommend it to anyone for so many reasons – even if it is just an hour of relaxation you’re looking for… DO IT!! 
Claire Cambourne Cambridgeshire

I started going to Kathleen for reflexology to help reduce stress which I hoped would improve my chances of conceiving my first child. She was delightful from day one and the sessions were extremely relaxing. What I really appreciated was her flexibility regarding timings of appointments. I really was able to fit them around my busy job. It's a few months later and I'm more relaxed and pregnant so that's a result!  All that's left to say is a big 'Thank You.'
Dr EA Cambridge

" I originally went to see Kathleen for help with my fertility issues alongside my hosptial treatment - as i had heard that reflexology was beneficial. What i hadn't appreciated was how high my stress levels had become.
After my first treatment i believe they had at least halved - so much that my family and friend were commenting on how noticeable the change was. This has continued throughout my sessions and i do believe that i have changed for the better. I am definately more relaxed and more able to deal with anything the world throws at me.
This is entirely due to Kathleen who is absolutely brilliant and has created a very calming, comforting environment for the treatment.
I would have no concerns in recommending anyone to see her and have in fact already sent my friend, husband and dad. All of whom were very complimentary after their visits."
Laura  Cambourne Cambridgshire

I have found the treatments not only relaxing but they have also helped rebalance my hormones post pregnancy. I can't believe how much energy I have considering I have just had a baby. I believe this is partly due to the reflexology treatments I received pre and post pregnancy. Kathleen's treatments are wonderful and I would highly recommend her.
Kelley Cambridgeshire
Dear Kathleen. I so enjoyed my reflexology session on Friday. All day I felt relaxed but also energised. I wanted you to know that when I woke on Saturday morning my leg rash had disappeared. I hadn't even started taking the tablets prescribed by my doctor, so I feel sure your reflexology treatment was the cure.Many thanks
JH Cambridgshire
"Kathleen was wonderful - very knowledgeable and perceptive. her explanations were very clear. I look forward to booking with her again soon.
After my treatment i felt much more energised than before. It really helped pick me up after severe illness and helped alleviated the main symptoms of my condition.
It also helped improve my overall sense of wellbeing. I found the service very good and would recommend her to a friend."

VM. Cambridge
"I have used Kathy's services for a series of reflexology sessions, and I found her very approachable and professional, and extremely competent. She carefully listens to you and works according to your needs. I immediately felt that the treatment was working. It resolved a number of problems in my body, and my legs felt incredibly light. I had happy feet for weeks afterwards. I warmly recommend Kathy to everybody, because whatever the needs, simple relaxation or deeper issues, she can help."
Marie Lucchetta Cambridge
"I felt very relaxed after my first visit the lingering pain in my foot was gone the following few days. It gave me the most relaxing hour in the week. The service and the therapy session was very good. I would recommend her to a friend."
SG. Cambourne Cambridgeshire


This really gives a new and exciting twist to a reflexology treatment. The heat and pressure of the shell gives wonderful extra relaxing treatment. If you enjoy reflexology or massage treatments them definitely give this a try - you won't be disappointed!
Kelley Cambridgeshire
Kathleen always makes you feel incredibly relaxed before a treatment even begins. the sense of relaxation and peace is wonderful and i drift away during the session - it is the best feeling and one that lasts long after i leave.
The Lava Shell Reflexology is gorgeous. the pressure points with the warmth is superb and you feel the goodness as Kathleen works around the foot - simply heaven and i am already looking froward to the next session.

Abbie B Cambridge

I can high recommend this treatment. The most relaxing and indulgent treatment to date - thank you Kathy!
August 7 8.16pm via mobile 

Kelly Cambourne Cambridgeshire

Dear Kathy. Many thanks for seeing me this morning. I enjoyed the new Hot Stone Treatment. The deep heat created a sense of comfort and well-being and was therefore very relaxing and therapuetic. I do however think that it adds to, but does not replace, the more traditional reflexology treatment which i think is more precise and sensitive and in a strange sort of way, more reassuring.
Kind regards
Keith - France