Celebrating Cambourne Businesses 25th March 2017

Facial Treatments offered as a taster at this event were a great hit with children and adults alike as they experienced the new treatments offered by Kathleen

Cambourne 10k 2/4/17
Cambourne Business Park sees the return of the  9th annual 10k race.
Runners will have the opportunity to recieve pre or post race reflexology treament.
come join the fun and raise money for charity between 10am and 12pm.  
Main Race starts 11am.
5k Fun run for younger runners wanting to give it a try.
5k two-legged race.

Celebration of Cambourne Businesses 25/3/17
This annual event brings small businesses together under one roof to celebrate the village's growing business community. A free event where local business get a chance to show what they do and the public enjoy free samples , mini reflexology treatment sessions and much more.
Join us at the Hub in Cambourne between 11am and 3pm
Cambourne Business Park Lunchtime Treatments
Next time:
Wednesday 4/11/15
Future dates: Wednesday 10/12/15 Christmas Market
On Tuesday 11/2/15 saw the launch of a wonderful opportunity for staff at the Cambourne Business Park to enjoy some relaxing and de-stressing in the Marketing Suite at Cambourne The Marketing Office.
Kathleen was available to offer 15 and 30 mins treatments between 12:00 -14:30hrs.
Staff could choose from a wide variety of treatments that only required them to remove shoes and put their feet up. It was possible to relax and enjoy their lunch in the traquil surroundings.
Treatments available include:
Traditional Reflexology Hand or Foot
Facial Reflexlogy
(30mins only)
Advanced Facelift Massage (30mins only)
Hot Stone Reflexology
Hot Lava Shell Reflexology
Thai Foot Massage
Lava Shell neck, back and shoulder massage
(30mins only)
As Kathleen is a fully qualified Maternity Reflexologist she is able to treat Fertility and Pregnant clientelle. 
For futher information about the treatments available please refer to 'Treatments' page of this website
Thank you

Cambourne Craft Fair
1200 -1500hrs
Cambourne Village Hub
Willingham Craft Fair
1430 - 1700hrs
Willingham Village Hall

Advanced Facial Reflexology Training  4/10/15
London School of Reflexology
with Ziggie Bergman
Facial Reflexology Training 16/8/15
London School of Reflexology
with Ziggie Bergman 
Advanced Facelift Massage Training  3/10/15
Bergman method
London School of Reflexlogy

Macmillan Coffee Morning and World Reflexology Week 21 - 27/9/15 
This year Kathleen held her own coffee morning and helped a friend wth hers.
Such a beautiful couple of days fundraising. The spirits ran high as the sun shone on this annual event.
A raffle of Neal's Yard Remedies products helped to raise even more for this wonderful cause.
This event coincided with World Reflexology Week, this years focus was on Healthy Aging.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic 17/8/15
Having been introduced to Neal's Yard Remedies when i worked there in 2013 and then again at the Facial refelexolgy training 16/8/15. I decided to become a Independant Consultant. A British award winning company with great products, fantastic training programme for its members, with great support for therapists, i couldnt help but be impressed.

Cambourne Business Park Christmas Market 10/12/14
This year the Marketing Suite was transformed to a christmas wonderland with the aroma of mulled wine and minced pies. Lots of lively chatter and laughter.
I was offering mini treatments. I was finding the Reflexology and Hot lava shell neck, back and shoulder massage were very popular on this chilly day.  I was lucky enough to have a lovely private space to deliver these treatments which went down well.
Comberton Village College Christmas Bizarre 6/12/14

Every year the college hosts a fund raising christmas bizarre.Full of fun, crafts, food, hamper raffles that each year group puts together. Lots of activities including Father christmas.
onc again i added a litlle difference to the event offering mini treatments of reflexology, thai foot massage and Hot lava shell back,neck and shoulder massage. interest  was great and some walked away feeling relaxed and those knots smoothed ou. Ahh.

Monkfeild Park Primary School Pamper Evening 17/10/14
This was a fabulous fund raising event organised by Vicky Webb and Donna Arnell and a wonderful team of helpers from the Friends of Monfeild Park
There were stools selling goods from card to candles.
Pampering treatments included Reflexology, Thai foot Massage, Lava Shell Shot back nassage, Indian head massage, Shiatsu massage and healing.
The evening also included demonstration ssuch as Zumba and Bowkra getting willing volunteers to have a go and laugh such alot.

Functional Reflex Therapy training 20-21/9/15
tA new and effective treatment developed by Lorraine Senior, a retired teacher who went into holistic therapy work that just found working with children hard to give up.
She found whilst doing her reflexology work  with children with special needs, that there were certain reflexology techniques that seemed to hit the spot with this group of clients and this became the focus of her work that lead on to her developing these into a specific reflexology approach. to be used with children with secial neesd, autistic , ASD and neurological impairment. She has also found this approach works well with the elderly and those with dementia.
This training  with Lorraine was all inspiring and has opened my eyes to the possibility of taking my reflexology into the school and residential setting.
A big Thank You to Lorraine.