Reflexology for children and teenagers

Reflexology is a treatment that uses pressure applied to the feet using the thumb or fingers, dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China.  The feet and hands are covered with reflex points that link to all body systems and organs. By applying pressure to these points it may be possible to help to stimulate their immune system, improve circulation, improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate nerve impulses to all parts of the body.
This treatment is suitable for children and teens as they are only required to remove their socks and shoes. Most do not find it tickly but those that do initially, quickly get used to the pressure and relax into it getting alot out of the session.
Teens can benefit greatly fom these sessions as it can help them relax at times of anxiety nearing exams improving concentration, preparing them for learning and at times of  hormone fluctuations.

Please Note:
It is required that if the child or teen is under 18yrs old that they are accompanied by an parent or guardian.
For the older teen a comfortable adjoining room is available for the accompanying adult to sit and relax.

Functional Reflex Therapy

This is a specific Reflexology approach designed for children and adults particulairly those with autism, ASD, learning difficulties, neurological impairment including dementia.It can be offered in school, residential homes or in a private setting at my clinic or as a homevisit.

' relaxation that prepares the body and mind for learning'