Stressed?     Feeling under the weather?      Need to Relax          Lift up your feet!                    Kick off your shoes!                    Relax........                

Enjoy a truly soothing healing experience

Drug free                          Non invasive                       100% Natural

Reflexology is an ancient complementary holistic therapy. Dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China. 
It's much more than and different from a massage. 
It does include a foot massage at the start. It is a relaxing or stimulating treatment. It may help heal, relieve tension and stress of the mind, body and spirit.

In times of illness, disease, stress, or injury the body enters a state of 'imbalance'.
Reflexology may help return the body's natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Reflexology is a great way to help the body relax, releasing tensions, and assisting in the removal of toxins within the body, in so doing may assist in the healing process.
It can be for everyone - babies, teenagers, the elderly and anyone in between
Non invasive.
A treatment that is so soothing and yet so beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Treatment Menu

  • NEW Lava Shell Facial Massage
  • NEW Facial Reflexology
  • NEW Natural Facelift Massage  
  • Functional Reflex Therapy
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Thai Hand Massage                                                          
  • Reflexology
  • Sports Reflexology                                                                                            
  • Fertility Reflexology                                                                                
  • Maternity / Pregnancy Reflexology  
  • Lava Shell Reflexology                                                                        
  • Hot Stone Reflexology                                                                          
  • Aromatherapy Reflexology
All treatments can be taken on their own or in combination as a LUXURY combination or  as a 5-6 week ttherapuetic treatment package.
Please ring Kathleen on 07799791031 for further details  of my 90min or 2hr LUXURY COMBOs


My opening times are: Mon - Fri 8am - 930pm, Sat & Sun 9am - 9.30pm

Serving the Cambourne area, Cambridge area, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire.
Cambourne Clinic, Homevisits and Corporate functions, Charity and Pamper Events.                                                 

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